SPA Manager
Kateqoriya :XidmətTurizm və mehmanxana işi
İşə götürən :Rixos Quba Azerbaijan
Əlaqədar şəxs :HR Department
Ünvan:Quba >> Quba r-nu
İş təcrübəsi:3 ildən 5 ilə qədər
Tel:012 404
Tarix:13 Sep 2016
Son tarix:31 Dec 1969
Elanın nömrəsi:20704
Baxılış sayı:704

Organise and monitor the spa operations. Prepare a budget for the Spa Department and submit it to the management. Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports and submit them to the General Management. Create solutions aimed at increasing sales. Keep track of trade fair programmes, take part in the fairs, promote the features of the Spa Centre in the best manner and represent the Spa Centre. Monitor the quality and marketing development of all cosmetics and consumables used for spa services and make changes and replacements as needed. Ensure that stock controls are made, identify the orders that need to be placed and place the orders with the Purchasing Department. Maintain continuous with the hotel’s department managers and ensure flow of information for issues that are important in terms of operations. Monitor and ensure monitoring of the spa areas for hygiene purposes. Coordinate the spa reservation system to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. Claim the quality of all services delivered in the Spa Centre and develop and implement ideas for improvement. Take part in the hotel management meetings and implement and ensure implementation of the decisions by upholding the interests of the facility. Keep all records required by the management and competent authorities in a timely and proper manner, ensure that records are kept at all times, and instruct and employees in this regard. Evaluate customer demands and complaints, inform the concerned persons of any shortcomings identified and find solutions. Address any guest demands and complaints related to errors in practice or information related to products, massage, sales and services and take corrective action. Ensure that all fixed and mobile equipment in the spa, including the internal design elements, spa equipment and spa operational materials are in tact and functional and, when necessary, ensure the maintenance of the equipment. Plan and assign tasks to the spa personnel. Responsible for preparing training programmes and the training of his/her employees. Listen to the problems and issues of employees in the department and report to senior managers. Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management systems implemented at the faciliti

Namizəddən tələblər

Education: At least a vocational college diploma. Experience: At least 5 years of experience in the spa industry. Foreign Language: Fluency in English and Russian Computer Literacy: MS Office applications. Skills: Detailed and comprehensive knowledge of systems/legislation in the related field. Expected to offer consulting to other employees when needed. Some roles require practical knowledge of systems/programmes/software in the related field. Responsible for carrying out and coordinating complex activities in different fields.

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