Graphic designer
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Tarix:10 Apr 2015
Son tarix:10 Apr 2017
Elanın nömrəsi:1846
Baxılış sayı:1319

- Development of visual communication vehicles that would reflect marketing communication idea in a simple and clear way 
- Development of art direction for all visual communication and its implementation through graphic designers (on board and in distant) 
- Adaptation of ready visuals to various set of communication vehicles 
- Illustrating the project presentations in a way that visual part of it significantly contiributes to conveying the message clearly 
- Packaging design development
Growth perspectives: 
- Developing skill of marketing project development through comprehension of its context 
- Opportunity to cooperate with international and local brands from various categories in a marketing/advertising sphere 
- Being involved in development process of marketing solutions 
- Opportunity to cooperate with leading professionals in marketing/advertising industry of Central Asian and Caucaus region


Namizəddən tələblər

- Education degree from art school (preferably) 
- Experience in marketing, advertising or design agency at least for 1 year 
- Competent user of Adobe CS (must) and 3D modelling soft, any (would be an asset) 
- Skills to develop high resolution (pre press) files (preferably. Would be an asset) 
- Ability and eagerness to work in a team 
- Ability and eagerness to approach to a project by comprehending the context of a job
Contact information: 
To be considered for this position, please email your CV to with reference, Graphic designer in the email subject line.

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