System analyst
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Organization: ENGIN LTD
Job Title:  System analyst
Location: Head Office
Department: IT
Reports to: Head of IT
Receives work assignments: Head of IT
Subordinate: No


A systems analyst uses information systems to design new IT solutions, modify, enhance or adapt existing systems and integrate new features or improvements, all with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity.


Inside organization:

• Manager of IT department
• ERP Team leader – direct subordination
• ERP users 

Outside organization:

• Service suppliers.

Requirements for the position:
Education:    degree in economics or technology
Experience: in project management sphere from 2 years
Language knowledge: Azeri, Russian, English

Professional skills and knowledge:

-  Standard solutions "1C: Enterprise 8", the experience of implementation;
-  Understanding of the basic business processes;
-  Basic knowledge in accounting;
-  The skills of writing documentation and manuals;
-  English - basic knowledge, correspondence;
-  Windows OS and MS Office applications as advanced user;

Personal characteristics:

-  analytical mind
-  responsibility 
-  communicability 
-  initiative 
-  resistance to stress 
-  desire to work in a big team

Work activities:

1. analysing existing systems and business models;
2. mapping and documenting interfaces between legacy and new systems;
3. understanding software development lifecycle;
4. translating user requirements into highly specified project briefs;
5. identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability;
6. conducting requirements analysis and preparing specific proposals for modified or replacement systems;
7. working closely with colleagues, developers, testers and a variety of end users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction;
8. drawing up, supervising and documenting testing schedule for complete system;
9. planning and working flexibly to deadlines;
10. supporting users;
11. providing training and user manuals to users of a system;
12. keeping up to date with technical and industry developments.

Deadline for submission CVs until 30th March, 2015.

Please indicate the name of the position “System analyst” in the subject line of the application e-mail and send to e-mail address:

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